Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Uggghhh ....

My twin met this annoying girl(The girl sitting on that bench) while me and my twin (♥Baby Gelly♥) was playing at Tagalog Park 1. My twin took a photo of her xD

I'll tell you what happened.
My twin got a buddy request from that girl,it says UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY UGLY. Gelly's really angry to her, including me.
She said me and my twin was ugly,stupid, and has big eyes so me and Gelly told her that she's uglier, more stupid and has small eyes. My twin teased her that she's a plate and Annoying Orange xD A few minutes later, Gelly's friend came and teased her too (ahahaha !) She (the annoying girl) said she was pretty in real life(i don't think so) A girl said "Alright your pretty, smelly and everything !!!! She went next to a bench far enough to the bench she was seating on a few minutes ago. We started following her " Gelly said 4 vs 1!! Loser !! your a loser !! " I agreed with Gelly :D
She left the park.
                                              (her profile)

We went to her room and she wasnt there. I said let's post messages in her message board.
I said "Ugly room !!" and Gelly said "You're Ugly"

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