Friday, July 22, 2011

[New] Casino Circus Gacha is Released!!

 I am here to introduce to you a new Casino Gacha!!

*Opening SALE is only for a week (until 7/28 maintenance time)!!

When you complete 6 items, you will get Casino Circus Floor and Wall !!
So spin many times to collect all the items!

You can spin Casino Circus Gacha in the

Blackjack area!!

Come check out the greatest items!


Use the stones that are on SALE now, win Casino Dollars, and spin this brand new Gacha!!

Sleeveless Ace  Beginner 70AG -> 50AG
Sleeveless Ace  Normal 250AG -> 200 AG
Sleeveless Ace  High Roller 500AG -> 450AG
Royal Service Beginner 50AG -> 30AG
Royal Service Normal 150AG -> 120AG
Royal Service High Roller 350AG -> 300 AG

Lucky Drop Beginner 130AG -> 100AG
Lucky Drop Normal 320AG -> 300AG
Lucky Drop High Roller 550AG -> 500AG

The Almighty Three 100AG -> 90AG

So, buy the lucky stones on this chance,
win Casino Dollars,
and spin to collect all items in Casino Gacha!!


Want to spin these Gacha’s as soon as possible??

The stones below will definitely help you earn casino dollars easier!!

1. Almighty One for SLOTS

One stable stone comes up in the middle.

2. Almighty Three for SLOTS

Stones comes up in the entire middle row.


3. Royal Service for Blackjack

A FACE CARD will always appear on your second card. 

*Please ke ep in mind tha t this stone works only when the first card is 7 or above. 

4. Sleeveless Ace for Blackjack


The first card that you will get will always be an ACE.

5. Lucky Drop for Roulette

 It adds an extra ball to the Roulette wheel!


Stone shop can be found in every area.

★Stones can only be purchased with Ameba Gold.You can check this information while you are playing the game. 

One last thing!!!

Did you all know that Anthony from the VIP Casino Shop has a TWITTERaccount??
He tweets about all the lucky things happening everyday in the Casino Area of Las Vegas!!!
Follow his account, and don’t miss all the lucky campaigns :)!/Anthony_Pico

We hope you have a wonderful Pico Life!

[Gacha] PST Gacha in Space Station!

This is Nicole...
Have you visited the space station?! It’s just awesome, right.

I have a news for you today, something you’ve all been waiting for!

This Gacha is only 50 AG a spin!! You can get these wonderful
Space item for 50 AG! If you’re lucky, you can even get a Space Shuttle Ride!!

Let’s go to Space Station and check out this Gacha!

Have a SPACE-Y Pico life!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ameba Pigg :3

Jelly again !!!

I just wanna tell you guys to support my pigg blog!
Just go to, it's about my Pigg adventures and my REAL life :D
I haven't post a lot there, but don't worry! I'll be able to post a lot of cute, cool & interesting stuff :)

Thanks Guys!,

New Look & Room !!!

This is Jelly!
Sorry if i haven't posted a lot anymore >.<
So, as you may see, i've changed my look to my baby-like cute face :D
And, i've changed my room too :D
It's under construction so it kinda looks suckish XD
But don't worry !!! I'll make my room cooler than ever ..!! xD

                                      JELLY :D